I just found my new Facebook profile picture

More Coons for Cakes

As long as Etsy is around, I might never run out of these.

The Bride Hunter

Can someone explain to me what is going on here? Did she shoot the groom?┬áThe racoon looks like he’s OK…. for now.

Racoon marries Penguin

I’m sorry, that’s just unnatural. Turns out, people marry animals all the time. This should be an illegal wedding.

Here’s another cake topper. There really are a surprisingly large number of these.

Cake Topper

There really are a surprising number of these.

Racoon in a Tuxedo

Honestly, I don’t know how you do this without getting maimed.

Racoon Bride and Groom

Apparently there is a whole line of these little plushies.

Racoon Wedding Proposal

I bet she says “yes”.

Racoon Wedding Cake

They look just like little bandits. I once was the witness for a couple that was on the run from the law. Their names were Manny and Kathy, and they looked just like this.